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What are the Social challenges and how do we deal with them?

What are the Social challenges and how do we deal with them?

As social 'beings', human beings are best in their top when they socialize and are able to interact, work, play and enjoy with other (fellow) human being. Although we hear sometimes some people claiming to 'want to be on their own' or ask to 'be left alone', it is more or less a sign of something not being as should, because when a human being is isolated in a sort of 'solitary confinement' (like those in prison isolation) we know the level of damage it done on the person's brain. It is important to keep improving on our Social life and human interaction in other to be in the right state of mind to work together and improve together so we can together take care of our societal and global challenges, from economic, environment, ecology, politics all to our benefit and that of our collective planet. In this topic we will like to hear from you, what you can tell/teach us about the topic on dealing with Social challenges.