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Due to the unfortunate Pandemic #COVID-19, Nokdown planned official launch in April that was moved to July may have to be reviewed depending on the development. Please, continue to support, encourage and spread the good news of this Global Community #NokDown =>  Stay with us and be part of the Revolution for a better world.   =>  Watch out for our #ELOG topics that has to do with Environment, Ecology, Economy, Social, and even Politics.    =>  We will be keeping you constantly updated with happenings in those areas. But equally important we look forward to learning from you as well. =>  So, Please feel free to forward to us any useful Information/Education, Research findings, News, Blog, Suggestions, Opinions, Experiences and so on.   =>  We'll review them and if considered to be in line with the requirements and standards, we'll publish them. Thank you for being part of the Solution  =>  Remember, If it's not on #NokDown it may not be out there!

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